drax power station

Cambridge Econometrics report on energy costs

A new report from Cambridge Econometrics looks at the Climate Change Act and the effect on greenhouse gas emissions. Cambridge Econometrics (CE) was commissioned by WWF-UK to assess the impacts of climate change mitigation measures on UK households, businesses and the macro-economy. MDM-E3, CE’s econometric model of the UK economy, energy system and environment, was used…


Cambridge University Report on land usage

The June report from Cambridge claims that by 2030 the UK could require an additional 7 million hectares of land to meet the demands for food and renewable energy. The report is titled “The best use of UK agricultural land”, produced by the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). This represents more than 35% of the…


Entrepreneurs wanted for Energy innovation

Good news for UK entrepreneurs! £10 million share for businesses that can create innovation in energy Gregory Barker, the minister of Energy and Climate, announced that British entrepreneurs who are into the development of innovative technology can benefit from a £10 million share. Big-time power companies like British Gas and engineering firms like Unaoil-associate Severn…

heathrow CHP Plant

UK Power Needs

An excellent article from the Economist (Jan 25th 2014) on the state of the UK’s power generation, grid connections and the increasing risk of blackouts.  For most people Britain’s rebounding economy, now growing at its fastest for three years, is cause for cheer. Not, however, for those who manage the country’s electricity grid. For them…

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