BIrtley House Wood Chip Boiler Detail

Biomas Case Study – Birtley House

Birtley House is a nursing home in Bramley, Surrey. It uses significant amounts of energy. It wished to increase its proportion of heat supplied from local, sustainably produced wood chip fuel and commissioned LC Energy to establish a new, larger, wood chip fired boiler and to improve control and efficiency of heat supplied for space heating and water heating.

LC Energy removed an existing KWB 150 kW wood chip fired boiler, so as to enable its transport, storage and subsequent re-use elsewhere before installing the new ETA 199 kW. The previous wood chip fired boiler system used a temperature differential between Flow and Return of about 11°C. By employing the new ETA 199 kW boiler, it was intended to increase the maximum temperature differential used for heat distribution to about 15°C.

LC Energy helped Birtley House with the application for their Non-domestic RHI subsidies and this was awarded to the care home in April 2015.

BIrtley House Wood Chip Store

Wood Chip pile in storage tank

BIrtley House Wood Chip Delivery

Wood Chip delivery from LC Energy

BIrtley House Wood Chip Boiler

Wood Chip Boiler

BIrtley House Wood Chip Boiler Feed

Wood Chip Feed Pipe



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