paris in smog

Paris clouded in Smog bans cars

It’s getting grim in the city of lights as Paris clamps down on traffic in a bid to curtail pollution. The city restricted traffic in the for a second day after a “lid of pollution” sealed the capital, causing concern over public health. Photographs showed a grey veil of dirty air trapped over the city, masking…


Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Launch

All change for roof tiles Well this was a surprise. Not only is Elon building rockets, cars, battery factories and merging Tesla with Solar City he also has time to reinvent the solar panel as a solar roof tile. Last Friday evening just before sunset Elon Musk took to a stage and cranked up his presentation about…


Wind Prices Continue To Drop

ntersting article on Wind contract pricing and the implications for the UK energy markets.   For years the complaint against offshore wind was prohibitive cost. The new worry is that it is suddenly becoming too cheap. The world’s biggest wind companies are driving down power contracts so fast in their cut-throat battle for market share…


Get the UK Fracking now!

Boat comes in Today the first boat load of LNG arrives in Scotland on route to Ineos for the manufacturing of various petrocmeichals. Igenos will take delivery of a tanker full of ethane at its Grangemouth plant in Scotland, marking the first fruit of a $2bn investment. The imports are due to replace dwindling supplies…

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Domestic RHI hit 50,000 home milestone

Over 50,000 UK households have now installed biomass boilers, solar thermal systems or heat pumps under the government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. It means these households are now generating up to 827,000MwH of heat, equivalent to 16.54MwH per household, and providing estimated carbon savings of 3.4 million tonnes of CO2 over the scheme’s…


Solar subsidy cuts slash 12,000 jobs

A third of solar jobs have likely been lost in the UK, found the report by PwC for the Solar Trade Association (STA), based on a survey of 238 companies, around 10% of the industry. More than 12,000 solar power jobs have been lost in the past year because of government subsidy cuts, according to the…

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