Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Launch

All change for roof tiles Well this was a surprise. Not only is Elon building rockets, cars, battery factories and merging Tesla with Solar City he also has time to reinvent the solar panel as a solar roof tile. Last Friday evening just before sunset Elon Musk took to a stage and cranked up his presentation about…


Solar subsidy cuts slash 12,000 jobs

A third of solar jobs have likely been lost in the UK, found the report by PwC for the Solar Trade Association (STA), based on a survey of 238 companies, around 10% of the industry. More than 12,000 solar power jobs have been lost in the past year because of government subsidy cuts, according to the…

Tesla Model S

Tesla wants to purchase Solar City

Out of the blue, Tesla has announced that it offered to acquire SolarCity for up to $2.8 billion in an attempt to create a one-stop shop for cleaner energy. Tesla said it offered $26.50 to $28.50 per share for SolarCity. The price is 25% to 35% premium to the solar company’s Tuesday close. If the deal…


Feed In Tariff Update

The UK government has once again messed around with the renewals industry and updated the Feed In Tariffs rates. Last week the all knowing DECC announced the details: As widely expected the rates are due to be reduced, however, after industry consultation the reductions are not as drastic as initially expected. Installing solar on your roof…

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