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Clyde Bergemann Wins Biomass Segregation Contract with Drax

Clyde Bergemann Doncaster (CBD) has won a Biomass Ash Segregation System Contract with Drax Power Limited, the owner and operator of Drax Power Station. The station is the UK’s largest power station, responsible for meeting some 7-8% of the UK’s electricity needs.

Drax is executing plans to transform the business from a coal-fired to a predominantly biomass-fuelled renewable power generator, and is set to become one of the single largest renewable power plants in Europe.
The power station has historically burned up to 10Mte’s of coal per annum, but since 2003 has been burning sustainable biomass in place of some of its coal. Over the years Drax has progressively increased the amount of biomass burnt, culminating last year in the full conversion of one of its generating units to burn solely biomass. This is the first of three that Drax plans to convert.

As part of the requirements for this conversion the fly ash produced when burning biomass needs to be handled differently due to its distinct characteristics and chemistry. Drax also wanted to separate the biomass ash from the coal ash for commercial reasons.

Clyde Bergemann’s turnkey solution proposed the installation of a new, separate biomass ash storage silo in the vicinity of the current storage bunkers to receive and store ash from existing pneumatic ash systems. The innovative solution is able to cater for the wide range of material characteristics expected while retaining the accuracy required when monitoring the material discharged.

The new ash segregation system utilises a dry dustless unloading facility to transfer materials from the silo to tankers while also retaining the capability to discharge onto the overland conveyor system Drax currently uses to transfer material to their current disposal area.

Steve Cragg, Managing Director of CBD commented: “I am delighted that Drax has placed its trust in Clyde Bergemann to deliver this important project and we look forward to a successful and ongoing relationship with the company.”


Wood Fuel Magazine 2016