Blue Ribbon Bedding

LC Introduce Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding Product Line

LC Energy expand their range of Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding

Introducing Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding is a high quality wood pellet product manufactured in the UK by Clifford Jones. Blue Ribbon pellets are 100% natural, made from 100% virgin FSC accredited softwood sourced from fully sustainable forests. The raw material is a by-product from fence post production, where the surplus wood is converted into wood pellets. 

Blue Ribbon pellets have a low dust content, are eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. Pellet horse bedding creates less waste, which in turn means you have a smaller muck heap. It makes a lovely comfortable soft bed which is easy to muck out, giving you more time to ride and enjoy your horse. There is NO RECYCLED timber in Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding so you can be fully assured that you are only buying the best for your horse.


  • Easy to use – simply spread the pellets and then spray with water.
  • The pellets will then expand and once dry are ready for your horse to use.
  • The pellets provide a firm base which gives good support for your horse.
  • They are easy to muck out as the manure can be removed from the surface.
  • Pellets are highly absorbent and there is less smell as the ammonia is also absorbed.
  • The pellets are compressed before use so that they are easy to store and handle.

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